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Mai’a 'who should have been named Nikki' according to the poet, Nikki Giovanni, is a visionary healer and media maker.  She has lived and worked in the Middle East, southern Mexico and east Africa with refugee and displaced women under the threat of violence, also she has organized and accompanied communities and persons within the US/Canadian urban landscape, engaging in issues including: race, working poor, sex work, prisons, drug addiction, police brutality, and queer rights. Living in Cairo, Egypt, she is a free lance writer, poet, journalist, zinester, photographer, multi-media performer, and outlaw midwife.
She has dedicated her body and life to stopping by any means necessary and possible the violence (whether it be state, military, communitarian, medical, domestic, etc.) that threatens our survival on this earth and to co-creating with you revolutionary, liberatory communities.

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# essays, poetry, and drawings have been published in Make/Shift, Mamaphiles, Tenacious, and Popshot Magazine, among others.

# upcoming publications include: Woman's Work by GirlChild Press, Lilith Devotional by Knickerbocker Circus Press, Scholar & Feminist Online, Colored Girls/(considered suicide)/Rainbow is enuf anthology, Cuntastic Zine...

# visual art currently showing at: 'Cesarean Voice' by ICAN in Baltimore, MD