maia medicine

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unfinished painting by frida kahlo of her pregnancy
guerrilla mama medicine is about re-centering the lives of mothers in order to create and sustain strong anti-violence, morally liberatory communities.

yeah, gmm was inspired by a vision i had  the first time i visited southern mexico.  back in 2001.  post 9/11.  i felt like if people could be healthy then they could fight the revolution more effectively.  simple as that.  the first incarnation of the idea came as: people’s guerrilla medicine.  that was looking for simple accessible ways to live healthy.

in a dreamy way i was envisioning a way to meet immortality.  the revolution that never dies.

and so it focused around lifestyle choices: raw food, sound political analysis, meditation, herbalism, etc.

after i returned from eastern africa, traveled through the eastern congo, sat with women survivors, saw the vast difference between the fecundity o fthe land and the earth and the violence of the global system that paid men to rape women, destory their bodies, i envisioned: guerrilla mama medicine.

--sketch by frida kahlo