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welcome to the divine survivors clinic!

my name is mai’a.

i am offering free reiki treatments to us– the lovers, the fighters, and the survivors.  a way to reduce pain, cleanse and strengthen the body, balance the emotions and experience more clarity and vitality in our lives.

the divine survivors clinic began as a vision i had at dawn listening to the fajr call to prayer.

i have seen that many of us as  doing amazing life-changing work and yet suffer from long terms and short term illnesses.  we do not have the time, money, energy to eat well, laugh, meditate, move, and mother ourselves. we live on the edges of society, enduring and resisting with every breath, the various and connected forms of violence.

reiki is a specific frequency or wave of energy.  i tune into this energy.  connect with your mind and body (no matter where you are in the world).  and then reiki vibrates throughout your being.  allowing you to relax, de-stress, and transmutate toxins in the body.